We are passionate about the power of large institutions to be an agent for social and environmental change.  We work with corporations, NGOs, and development organizations to bring scalable solutions to social or environmental challenges in underserved markets by leveraging their core expertise and assets.


Innovation is more than just thinking “outside of the box.” It is equal parts creativity and focus. We are great at bringing this focus and clarity to early-stage fuzzy ideas, enabling teams to create viable new business models led by a social purpose.

Our core mission, simply put, is to enable our clients to achieve theirs. We are usually called in for one of two reasons: they have an idea and don’t know if it will work; or they have tested the idea but are unsure how to take it forward to the next stage.


Early stage innovation workshop


Prototype Design & Market Testing


Pilot Design & Execution


Corporate Social Innovation Strategy



How might we build internal capacity to bring new innovations to market?



How might we improve education and chances for employability?



How might we improve access to electricity in rural areas?


We work in a collaborative and dynamic way, striving to help our clients to think differently and to include the voices of those who can impact the outcome of their creative solutions; and we are incredibly grateful that we get to share this approach and learnings in a number of global events and conferences alongside some of the world’s leading innovators.