Applying off-the-shelf technology in new ways and in new markets in Africa to strengthen both micro-entrepreneurs and the overall supply chain of a large multinational

Duration: 1 year

location: Africa

Clients: Multinational, Frogtek


Most micro-entrepreneurs in developing and emerging markets use little more than a note book and pencil to keep track of daily transactions for their business. For this reason, many take more money out of the till at the end of the day than they earn, slowly and inadvertently decapitalizing their business.



With the introduction of E-POS systems, we saw significant improvements in the ability of small shop keepers to manage their business by providing reports on their daily profits (i.e., how much they can take from the till) and turnover rates on products to optimise purchasing.  More importantly, these reports that show earnings can be used to enter the formal banking economy, thus accessing lines of credit to grow their business.



As tablet devices increase in quality and decrease in price, affordable E-Point of Sale (E-POS) systems may be a viable option for micro entrepreneurs. We designed and led a pilot to determine the viability of implementing the technology into the distribution network of a large multinational. This involved working with the local operating company to determine KPIs, setting up pilot operations in the country, and identifying the key value delivered back to the multinational business.