Creating a commercial solution to prevent infant malnutrition in Africa and Asia

Duration: 3 years

location: Asia & Africa

Clients: Unilever, DSM, GAIN, North West University


Over one third of all child deaths are linked to malnutrition. More than half of these children are in families living above the poverty line who could afford nutrition products to prevent the detrimental mental and physical effects of malnutrition.



“This project is innovation at its best, in terms of multi-sector partnership, research methodology, and the approach used to address nutrient gaps among populations most at risk of stunting.”

Dominic Schofield, GAIN



For the duration of three years, we led a cross-functional team to create and test a product to prevent malnutrition in the developing world.  This involved working with a technical team in product development and manufacturing as well as managing external partnerships. The product has successfully completed a clinical study in South Africa with 750 at risk children to measure growth and mental development.