Designing digital solutions to improve access to education and increase youth employability in South Africa.

Duration: 2 years

location: Africa

Client: pearson


Over fifty percent of South African youth aged between 18-35 years old are unemployed. Yet, there also exists a significant unmet demand from South African employers for skilled labour.



Our work involved designing commercial interventions aimed at improving education levels to increase youth employability in South Africa. The innovations coming from the teams we worked with were inspiring because of the clear logic and simplicity of the models and their potential to increase earning potential for low income families.



We guided two teams with their early stage ideas. For both teams, we helped craft their ideas into solid business cases to win internal investment. With the investment, we guided the teams into prototyping both the product and business architecture. In market testing allowed the teams to embed learnings into each iteration of the venture. With immediate market feedback, one team pivoted three times during the period we worked together.